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Saturday, January 03, 2015
Ayatollah Mehdi Ghazi Khorramabadi (founder)
The University of Qom was founded and is currently known to many academics in Iran by the hard work, diligence, and persistence of the late Ayatollah Mehdi Ghazi Khorramabadi. He devoted the last 30 years of his life to expanding higher education in Qom, Iran.
Born in a religious family, he attended the seminary in his birthplace, Khorramabad, Iran. He then moved to Qom to attend the seminary in Qom. He enjoyed classes offered at the seminary by the late Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Mohaghghegh, and Ayatollah Meshkini.
In 1964, he took the responsibility of managing the seminary in Khorramabad upon request of the attending clergymen after the demise of its founder. In the meantime, he embarked on conducting business for public benefits and charitable purposes.
To improve the quality of people’s life in his birthplace, he took several important steps:
·       Buying an electric generator to provide electricity for Khorramabad,
·       Building a large number of houses to sell at a low price to the needy,
·       Establishing a factory to provide job opportunities for the youth,
·       Building a high school,
·       Starting two newspapers that were banned by the government of Shah, and so on and so forth.
The late Ghazi became the representative of Imam Khomeini in the province of Lorestan, Iran, after the Islamic revolution. He then moved to Qom. Almost one year after the revolution, he established High Educational and Law School of the Seminarians so as to train educated and devoted workforce to teach in schools and to work in law courts.
In the following years, he was also in charge of the administrative affairs of the seminary in Qom. A number of important steps were taken to improve the quality of affairs in seminary under his supervision. He managed the administrative affairs of High Educational and Law School of the Seminarians and the seminary in Qom concurrently for eight years. The late Ghazi then resigned from his post as the head of the counsel managing the seminary in Qom and devoted himself to the High Educational and Law School of the Seminarians (which was later promoted to the University of Qom) until he passed away at the age of 82.
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